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If you’re a British bloke you’re probably aware that finding decent escorts and sex services can
be a bit of a pain in the you-know-what. Who wants to end up swimming in a sea of STDs and
scratching your balls with regret after you’ve banged a girl who’s less than clean? Best find out
what you’re getting yourself into before you dip your nib into unknown ink. aims to change all that by providing a free user-review service to help you find
the experience you’re looking for. We at ukpunting sex videos are checking out, to see if their
self-proclamation as “number 1 paid sex review and discussions site” is accurate, and whether
it’s worth your time (it’s free, so it’s definitely worth the money!). Let’s take a closer look…

The site is free and was created by sex buyers was created in 2010 by a bunch of lads who couldn’t find information about
escorts and sex services, so they resorted to making their own space. Created by users to fill a
need, it performs its function really well. There’s a tonne of information- about who to go for,
what to expect, and most importantly who to avoid.
Since then, the site has been expanding ever since, but maintains its all-important end-user
focus. It’s paid for by the site owner, making an annual loss, because they charge no
commission for their services. This guy is pretty serious about hookers and helping his fellow
bros to find what they’re looking for.
Move along escorts, punters only
So, what can you use UKPunting for, and is it worth a visit? First of all, it’s only for punters, not
escorts, to keep the reviews clean and reliable. The sole purpose is as a place for customers to
come and make an informed decision about how they spend their money on sex. The site
owner created a whole separate site called as a place for punters and sex
workers to come together and interact, which keeps this site refreshingly free from bias.

They leave the makeup to the girls
The design is pretty boring (I think they used about 3 colours throughout), it’s a standard forum
layout with nothing fancy about it- pretty much as simple as it gets. If you’re using the site for
it’s intended purpose, this is actually a good thing, because it’s simple to use and the no-frills
appearance is going to filter out everyone who’s looking for commercial sites. At the end of the
day, you want a beautiful girl, not a beautiful site.
Intuitive layout and simple format keeps you focused
No videos, no confusing tabs, no annoying ads, no infectious pop-ups. You can navigate the site
quickly without distraction or fuss and get to what you’re looking for impressively quickly.

UKPunting also filters out anything that doesn’t contribute to the site, so there’s little bloat or
threads that don’t have anything to do with punting. Nobody wants to swim through endless
spam about some random shit that nobody cares about.
You do have to sign up to use the site to its full potential, but it’s free. After that you can see
everything on the site, including images, links and full threads. If you aren’t a member the site is
a bit more limited.

UKPunting Membership is free
It’s quick and free to sign up for a profile, the same as most online forums. After you’re in you
can get full access to the information provided. You can also add threads, add your voice and
contact other people on the site. There are plenty of opinions from other punters, and plenty of
horror stories to laugh at and remind yourself why it’s important to do your homework. All of
this helps you take less risk and make more informed decisions.

Interesting thread subjects
The site can get really interesting, with threads comparing what escorts look like in real life
compared to their profile pictures (my personal favourite), chat about the best asses punters
have been with, bad attitudes, outstanding service, infections, shocking events and the like.
I personally think the site does a great job of combatting photoshopped and filtered selfies, so
you’re not expecting a supermodel to walk in only to find you’ve hired Quasimodo’s sister. Best
not leave it to chance.

Regional discussion lets you localize
You can look into threads by locality- there are twelve of them- to find discussions about local
escorts and punting in your area. Perhaps you want to find people near you who share your
interests. And by sharing your interests, I mean banging the living hell out of whores and
getting your money’s worth while you’re at it. Just don’t be like this one dude who gets off on
being financially dominated by his escort by spending all his money on her. Yeah, it’s an actual
fetish. Ridiculous.

The escort reviews
Last- but not least- the escort review page unsurprisingly lists reviews of escorts and has a cool
feature that allows you to quickly eyeball which escorts are good, bad or plain old ugly. User

reviews are summarized with an overall vote to say if the experience they had was positive,
neutral or negative.
By clicking on a specific review, you’ll be linked up to the rest of her reviews and you can find
out if the poster was legit or full of shit, but most reviewers seem pretty genuine. A lot of the
reviews are highly detailed, so you can make the most informed choice. Sometimes with some
of the babes it’s a matter of opinion- what does it for one doesn’t do it for another- so you
might get a girl with lots of positive and lots of neutral reviews. But the bad ones, holy crap…
Some of the things I’ve read on the site, you wouldn’t ever want to go through. So, steer clear
of the ladies with bad reviews, and you’re doing yourself a service.

At the end of the day, you decide in a nutshell is about the escort review section, with no annoyances thrown in,
and with additional opportunities to have a laugh and chat in the other sections, if you want to.
It’s a fun, fast place to quickly assess who’s worth it and who’s not, and land yourself with the
perfect babe. But don’t take my word for it, head over to and check it out for

 Easy to use, no annoying ads, pop-ups or confusing tabs
 Avoid Quasimodo look-alikes by comparing real-life photos with profile pictures
 Easy to avoid whack-jobs and bad experiences
 Detailed reviews of escorts
 Interesting and surprising discussions
 Free and fast to sign up
 Plain design is a bit uninspiring
 Everyone’s opinion is different, so you still have to use your own judgement

Double up bonus!

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